In order to have a better coordination and promotion, Fremantle  invites winemakers or owners to come to hold wine tasting events regularly, so they can communicate directly with consumers and have a face to face interaction, increase understanding towards the wine. To further improve our services, we will schedule our sommelier to tailored-made a wine training and activities for the dealers.


同時每年都會定期參加國外,香港,澳門及全國的葡萄酒展覽會-Vinexpo、Hofex、春季及秋季糖酒會、北京Top Wine、上海的葡萄酒展。同時,我們亦會邀請酒莊莊主和釀酒師在展會中與客戶直接交流,推廣品牌、建立良好的品牌形像、提升經銷商及銷費者對我們品牌的信心。

At the same time, Fremantle regularly participates wine exhibitions in difficult areas like Hong Kong, Macau, China eg, “Vinexpo”, “Hofex”, “Wine & Sprit” “Chengdu China Food & Drinks Fair”, “Beijing Top Wine”, etc. We also invite winery’s representative to participate and communicate with customers to promote our brand face to face, also establish a good relationship and brand image to enhance the confidence of dealers and customers.