Fremantle International Group Ltd has a unique geographical advantage in Hong Kong with different cultural perspectives. We enjoy preferential tax policy and experience in procurement. We are willing to provide individual requirement, the best service and expertise to our customers. Fremantle has adopted a diversified strategy to achieve the ideal balance between domestic and international markets, so that we can avoid the risk of currency exchange and political issues. In the rapid changing global economic context, Fremantle adheres “Being professional, sincere, cooperated, visionary”, aiming at maintaining good strategic partnership with our customers.

  • •國際化團隊管理,保持最佳的營運效率
  • •香港享有優惠的免稅政策
  • •大型的恆溫倉庫,靈活高效的物流體系
  • •酒莊直接採購,一站式服務,多年經空運,海運,出口,進口報關
  • •Respect values and different cultures are the priority for the team to ensure quality relationship with our international client.
  • •Hong Kong enjoys preferential tax policy.
  • •Large thermostatic warehouse, flexible and efficient logistics system.
  • •Direct procurement, one-stop service, good experience in wine import and export operation system.

    • •每一瓶葡萄酒都是原產地灌裝,並且有原產地標識可追查。經過品酒師專業指導建議,嚴格技術管控流程
    • •保證每一瓶都是濃縮的精緻
    • •以最實惠的價格回饋廣大經銷商
    • •對經銷商定期進行銷售培訓、產品培訓及各類培訓,打造專業團隊


  • •凡屬產品質量問題,一律無條件回收,產生費用一律由本集團承擔。
  • •定期探訪經銷商,在有效率的時間內給予書面回复並提出合理解決方案。
  • •對優秀經銷商提供諸如出國考察酒莊、返點等實質獎勵。
    • •定期提供產品宣傳數據,並根據經銷商信息回饋定期修改。
    • •產品包裝等問題定期主動與經銷商匯總問題並及時整理。
    • •Every bottle is bottling from the origin with professional guidance and technical control processes.
    • •All bottle are in good conditional.
      • •Providing sales, product various training in order to create a professional team for our dealer.
      • •Problem related to products, the recovery costs incurred shall be borne by us unconditionally.
      • •We will provide a winery visit tour and gift’s rewards to our distributors with good relationship.
      • •Regularly visit dealers and provide product promotion data, as well as giving a written reply and reasonable solution within an efficient period.