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Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Fremantle International Group Ltd is a diversified company that focuses everything on wines. We are an importer, import agent, wholesaler, and retailer of high-quality wines with major markets in Hong Kong, China, and Macau. Dedicated to the education and promotion of wine, wine culture, and high quality of living, Fremantle International is a strong partner and exclusive importer of many renowned wineries in France and Spain. The subsidiaries within Fremantle International Group include Fremantle International Ltd, Fremantle Global Investment Ltd., Fremantle Wine (Shenzhen) Ltd, Fremantle Wine (Beijing) E-Commerce Co. Ltd., Fremantle Chain Management (Shenzhen) Ltd., and Chain Evelyn Wine Cellar. We have branch offices in France, Spain, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Jinan, Beijing, Chengdu, Dongguan, and Fujian.

Through a decade of work and dedication, we have established intimate collaboration with many wineries throughout the world. We pay meticulous attention to the sources of wines, their storage condition, as well as the quality of their packaging. These allow us to provide the best professional advice to our customers and guarantee that every bottle of wine is sold in perfect condition.

Fremantle Wines

Fremantle Wines

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In addition to our focus on the wine importation business, Fremantle International cooperates with organizations such as the French Food Association and Hong Kong Wine Commerce Chamber for the advancement and exchange of wine culture. We organized promotional programs such as wine tasting, Sommelier lessons, and wine-meal paring. Through wines, we aim to introduce western popular culture into China. We have always insisted on the principle of “Quality before Quantity,” and it is by offering the best and most cost-effective wines that we hope to increase the access of fine wines for the people of China.

Fremantle International Group Ltd. is outward-looking and is in constant search of product diversification. In 2019, "Fremantle Global Investment Ltd." is formed with a core focus on the analysis and management of investment projects for the group. As a result of that, the acquisition of Bodegas Coral Duero, a winery in Spain, was completed in the same year. With the rapid development of social media and the internet, network marketing has also become an indispensable part of our business. Therefore, "Fremantle Wine (Beijing) E-Commerce Co., Ltd." we established in 2020 with a core focus on increasing our outreach, brand recognition, product awareness, and wine culture through the internet, social media, and e-commerce. In the same year, "Fremantle Chain Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd." was established. Its core mission is to increase profits through the creation of value-added products/services and new sales models by leveraging the latest tools and business innovations - such as franchise and complementary between retail and e-commerce. With these investments in marketing innovations, we hope to bring forward a new version of Fremantle that offer newer and better products and further the reach of wine culture.

The rapid growth of the internet and social media has brought convenience to daily lives. e-Commerce and network marketing have become an indispensable part of the business of Fremantle Group.  Hence Fremantle Chain (Beijing) E-Commerce Co. Ltd. was established with two core focuses - to build a solid supply-chain management system for the e-commerce businesses and to further our outreach, brand recognition, product awareness, and wine culture through the internet and social media. Our goal is to increase the speed and availability of product information, to drastically improve the purchasing experience of wine over the internet, so everyone can enjoy fine wine from all over the world in the convenience of their home.

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