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The comfortable modern life makes people easy to forget the original intention

Looking up at the sky we can feel everything comes from grace


Nature and person make the wine

Grace creates miracles of harvest



100% Tinta de Toro


Tasting Note:

  • Dark, intense, and lively ruby red color, with garnet reflections

  • Primary aromas of ripe black fruit jam, with some eucalyptus / balsamic character

  • The oak gives exotic toasted, spicy and vanilla flavors.

  • complemented with a display of good structure, concentration, meaty and length, at the same time.



18 months in new oak, French oak, American oaks, and 36 months in bottle

Wine Making Method
The grapes are handpicked when they reach the optimum quality. Then start a pre fermentative maceration of 7 days. Fermentation is made at a low temperature to keep good aromas At the end of the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, the wine is macerated in a vat for 31 days. All these actions permitted to call the wine Reserva.




100% Tinta de Toro

Tasting Note:

  • bright red color

  • an explosion of indescribably complex aromas of fruits (cherry, raspberry), floral violet, toast, and minerals.

  • its subtle flavors of barrels are emphasized

  • well-balanced condition with rich layers


12months in  French oak, Hungarian oak, and American oak.

Wine Making Method

Vinification in red, with pre fermentative maceration of 4 days, making two punching down per day during fermentation and one until the end of maceration. Fermentation at low temperature and maceration during 21 days.



100% Tinta de Toro

Tasting Note:

  • dark ruby red color, with purple hints on the edge of the glass

  • nice expression of mix crushed red and black fruits and dusty florals, followed by light spices and toasted notes

  • This wine presents a powerful full-bodied palate. Acidity is giving the wine a nice freshness, combine with some well-integrated tannins


4 months in American oak barrel.

Wine Making Method

Fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks / long maceration / two pushing down per day during fermentation and one until the end of maceration at low temperature. It takes approximately 31 days.



Grapes :

95% Tempranillo

5%   Mazuelo

Tasting Note :

  • Deep cherry colour with a violet rim

  • Good aromatic intensity of very ripe red-berry fruit

  • hints of fine patisserie well integrated with the nuances from the cask

  • Structured with soft, sweet tannins

  • Intense in the mouth and long in the finish.


4 months in American oak casks and 9 months rounding off in the bottle.

Wine Making Method

Stemmed grapes left in cold maceration for three days before the start of alcoholic fermentation. Fermented in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature of no more than 25oC.


Grapes :

50% Merlot

25% Bobal

25% Tempranillo

Tasting Note :

  • Rubi red and medium-high intensity color

  • compote of mature fruits aroma, which remind us of plum and blackberry

  • The time in oak emphasizes spicy and balsamic notes

  • soft and fruity but unctuous at the same time due to its mature tannins

Aging :

8 months in Frenchand American oak casks.

Wine Making Method :

Hand-picked grapes at the beginning of October. Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 23oC.



Grape :

60% Macabeo

40% Pareada

Tasting Notes:

  • This wine shows a nice bright gold color

  • This wine is fruity, and it has elegant flower aromas

  • Vanilla and butter aftertaste

  • The best temperature for wine tasting is 7 – 9 °C

Wine Making Method

The grapes do the alcoholic fermentation in temperature-regulated stainless steel.

The wine also made its full malolactic fermentation. After the fermentation is finished, the winemaker adds a “Licor de tirage” (mix of white wine, sugar, and yeasts) which will start a new fermentation. After that, the bottles are let in the horizontal position for 12 months.

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