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Bodegas Coral Duero was founded in 2003. With a sustainable agriculture and ecological responsible wine making process to respect our environment, every single bottle we produce, represent the profound respect we feel for it.

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Balance, order,
rythm & harmony

Coral Duero Tinta de Toro vines make up approximately 32 hectares divided into 4 subplots with their traditional names: Rompesedas, El Salgadero, Los Lastros, and Las Parvas.

Coral Duero had among the oldest vines in Spain, several are at least 130 years old.

From the very beginning, we searched for the oldest and best plots in the area. However, just being old is no guarantee that the vines will produce great wines. They require intense work and painstaking care to extract the best from Nature.

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The Barrel

This room was designed in order to create a harmonious environment and ideal conditions to ensure optimum aging. The fermented wine is moved to the barrels as soon as possible, regularly by Autumn.

The selection of oak is crucial: new or used? American or French? Toast level?. Only a profound knowledge of our wines and the experience gained in the years help us to make the right choice.

We prefer French oak; it provides subtetly and spiciness and helps rounds off our tannins. Although the creamy texture and notes of vanilla, in a small percentage, help to round them too.

Toro wines are widely known for being robust and powerful with a unique character and personality. Finding the balance between new and used oak is a determining factor in preserving the essence of the region and making them smoother and more accessible.

A detailed control is carried out for every single barrel. During this period of about two years in some cases, a certain number of physio-chemical transformations occur naturally, which leads to perfect transparency and better wine stability, as well as a refinement of its organoleptic character. Not all the barrels perform in the same way, for this reason, individual control is required.

During this period, there is always a significant loss of wine, both by evaporation and absorption by the wood. Topping up is conducted to bring back the levels so as to avoid excessive oxidation created by the wine’s contact with the air.

Analysis and tastings are performed time and again in order to monitor the development of the wine ageing. The decision to bottle the wine is made by the winemaker whenever the wine is considered to be in its optimal condition.

​Coral Duero Brand Video

Today, Toro is known by many wine lovers. Its history, its climate, its Tinta de Toro grapes, its old traditional working method, combined with the workers from the winery provide us an atypical wine made for the worldwide wine lover.

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